CAPAS-DR ~ Dual Automatic Rotator System


Dual Automatic Rotator System

CAPAS® Automatic Payload Alignment Systems enables quick and effective deployment of communication or sensor assets without exposing personnel to unnecessary danger.

CAPAS-DR Dual Rotator System accomplishes this by enabling independent 3360-degree azimuth rotation of two separate payloads.   The compact design allows a single mast to be deployed in situations that would previously have required two independent masts.

CAPAS-DR supports both closed loop and open loop alignment and allows a combination of both.  In closed loop alignment mode the system is controlled by a radio transceiver to optimise received signal strength or minimise bit error rate.

In open loop alignment mode the system is controlled by the Comrod Integrated Mission Planning System.  The powerful drive system coupled with the integrated magnetic or optional GPS compass allows fast and accurate positioning of payloads demanding high pointing accuracy.  Closed loop feedback from the radio can optimize the alignment within a fraction of a degree.

CAPAS-DR is fully rugged per MIL-STD-810, and is suitable for a wide variety of tactical masts.

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