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6 PACK Portable Power System


NSN: 6130-01-588-5188

  • 1.2kWh to 1.8kWh Portable Power System with the ability to increase as higher capacity BB-2590/U batteries become available
  • SMBus v1.1 & SBData v1.1 compliant
  • RS-485 Communication Interface
  • Capable of acting as a UPS, Power Supply or Standalone Battery Unit
  • The 6-PACK provides the versatility needed by the Warfighter to power their mission with one piece of equipment
  • The 6-PACK can hold one (1) to six (6) BB-2590/U batteries packed into a rugged, watertight container (batteries NOT included)
  • Contains an integrated Power Management System
  • DC input protection prevents over-discharge damage to the vehicle battery
  • Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT)
BTE-70791A-G1B Portable Power Supply, 6-PACK, Green
BTC-70772-T1 AC Booster
BTC-70772-T2 DC Booster
BTA-70791A-x DC Output Cable Options
BTA-70864-x AC Input Cable Options
BTA-70863-x DC Input Cable Options
BTA-70695x Voltage Limiter
BTA-70862B Junction Box, 4 in 1 out