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2 Panel AN/PRC-152, AN/PRC-148, CWB or LI-145/LI-80 and BB-2590/U


  • Dedicated two (2) panel foldable compact charger for the Falcon Handheld (AN/PRC-152), MBITR (AN/PRC-148) BT-70716Bx, Conformal Wearable Battery (CWB) or LI-145/LI-80 and BB-2590/U BT-70791Cx batteries
  • Will charge two (2) sets of two (2) batteries in 4.5-6 hours depending on the input power
  • Simultaneously charges like-batteries
  • Powered from 20-36Vdc, 120W (max), or a Solar Panel
  • Incorporates advanced features such as Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) which allows the batteries to be charged more efficiently by constantly adjusting to utilise the maximum power available from a solar panel
  • Equipped with a 10W USB charging port
  • Equipped with a trailer hitch connector for connection with multiple existing input cables
  • Blackout button for stealth operation
  • Patent Pending
Unfolded Dimensions
  • Length: 343 mm
  • Width: 143 mm
  • Height: 44 mm
Folded Dimensions
  • Length: 127 mm
  • Width: 143 mm
  • Height: 76 mm
Weight 0.54 kg
Operating Temperature – 20°C to + 50°C
Storage Temperature – 40°C to + 70°C
Material / Colour Modified ABS Plastic / Tan on Green Camo Fabric Carrier
Disposal Check Local Regulations (Contains 0% Mercury or Cadmium)
BTA-70911-x Multiple Flex Charger Variations
BTA-70911-1 Rifleman to Falcon / MBITR Adaptor
BTA-70911-2 Rifleman to Conformal Adaptor
BTA-70671 24 VDC NATO Input
BTA-70768 X90 Scavenger
BTA-70784 DC Cable with Alligator Clips
BTP-591791-3 AC/DC Power Supply
BTP-591955-1 AC Power Supply
BTP-70822-3T Solar Panel, 62 W
BTP-70227-T Solar Panel, 124 W