BTC-70903-MR1 ~ Full Charge Medium Rate Charger


Full Charge Medium Rate Charger

  • Dedicated single-station charger that will charge the following batteries:
    • BB-2590/U (BT-70791A, BT-70791BK, or BT-70791CK) in 7.5 hours or less*
    • BB-390B/U (BT-70790) in 10.5 hours or less
    • BB-2557/U (BT-70757) in 2.5 hours or less*
  • Powered from 100 V – 240 V AC, 200 VA, 50/60 Hz
  • Simple solution for the user who does not require a bulk or multi-station charger.
  • The BTC-70903-MR1 will charge the BB-2590/U to 33.6 V compared to the standard 33.0 V thus achieving 7% more capacity.

* Additional higher capacity versions of the BB-2590/U are available (BT-70791BE, BT-70791BG, BT-70791BGHT, BT-70791CE or BT-70791CG) and can be charged with a slightly longer charge time.