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Soldier Portable Charger Lite, EU (SPC Lite)


NSN: 6130-14-556-2116

  • The BTC-70819-1 is a state of the art portable battery charger designed for field or depot use
  • CE Qualified
  • The charger is capable of charging up to 4 batteries (depending on the adaptor) simultaneously with an easy to follow LED lighting sequence
  • For lower capacity batteries the SPC is capable of charging all 8 batteries simultaneously
  • Will charge and maintain a large range of military communication and electronics batteries using a designated adaptor
  • Charging software is upgradeable in the field or a lab environment through the RS-232 port
  • Powered from 22 – 33 VDC, 13 A, 90 – 260 VAC, 47 – 440 Hz*
  • Optional Accessories:
    • To charge 4 ALI 142 batteries (BTA-70582-1)
    • To charge 2 ALI 142 batteries (BTA-70582 with BTP-470536)
    • To charge 2 Sagem SS batteries (BTA-70721)
    • DC cables are not included
Dimensions Length: 349 mm
Width: 261 mm
Height: 194 mm
Weight 5.9 kg
Operating Temperature – 20°C to + 50°C
Storage Temperature – 40°C to + 70°C
Material / Colour Polypropylene
Disposal Check Local Regulation (Contains 0% Mercury or Cadmium)
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