BTA-70781A ~ Isolated BB-2590/U Pass Thru

BTA-70781A - NSN: 5325-01-609-0355

Isolated BB-2590/U Pass Thru

  • The BTA-70781A cable allows the user to both charges a BB-2590/U or BB-2557/U battery while providing power to an x90 application simultaneously
  • When connected to the solar charger and power source, provides up to 1.75A to each section of the battery, while the battery provides power to the application
  • The output of this cable is 14.4 V or 28.8 V nominal depending on the wiring
  • The BTA-70781A cable provides the same output and pin out as the BB-2590/U and BB-2557/U batteries
  • Multiple Isolated Pass Thru cables can be connected together via de daisy chain connector for increased capacity and power output