BTA-70762-1 ~ Power / SMBus cable

BTA-70762-1 ~ NSN: 5935-01-609-0335

Power / SMBus cable

  • The BTK-70762 is an assemble yourself OEM method to mate and communicate via SMBus V1.1 to the following batteries with host equipment:
    • BB-2590/U (BT-70791A, BT-70791E, BT-70791Bx, and BT-70791Cx)
    • BB-2557/U (BT-70757, BT-70757A, BT-70757G, and BT-70757Bx)
  • Enables both charge and discharge with the host equipment
  • Can be used for an individual battery, or combined in series or parallel for multi-battery applications