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VHF, one piece steel whip, dipole, end fed, thread mount, 1 m, 156-162 MHz


The AV53BIS3 is an end fed dipole antenna. It is designed for use on-board sailboats.

The AV53BIS3 is fitted with UNS 1″ x 14 female thread.  It can be used with all standard mounting accessories.  Integrated BNC female coaxial connector.  All BI version comes with a tool to mount the BNC male coaxial connector inside the stainless steel ferrule.  Brackets and coax cable are not included.

Frequency Range 156-162 MHz, VSWR < 2:1
Nominal Impedance 50 Ω
Power Rating 50 W
Gain 3 dB
Pattern Horizontal plane: Omnidirectional
Vertical plane: As a standard dipole
Polarisation Vertical
Connector BNC female
DC Grounded Yes
Design End fed dipole. The whip ism made from stainless steel, and the base is made from chromated brass. The insulator is made from UV resistant POM.
Height 1 m
Weight 0.2 kg
Wind Rating 55 m/s = 201 km/h
Finish Polyurethane lacquer, white
Temperature Range – 55°C to + 71°C