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HF sectional vehicle-static whip, monopole, 10 m, 1.6-30 MHz

APX100 Series

The APX100 is a sectional whip antenna designed for land mobile services in the HF band 1.6 – 30 MHz. It consists of eight whip sections and a tilt base with spring locking mechanism.  The base is equipped with heavy duty spring to absorb shocks and contains a tilt mechanism to allow for deflection of the antenna when moving the vehicle.  The antenna is normally used 5 m long when moving, and can be extended to 10 m when stationary.  The spring in the base can be locked to prevent deflection when used at 10 m.

Frequency Range 1.6-30 MHz
Impedance Depending on mounting
Power Rating 400 W
Radiation Diagram Omnidirectional
Polarisation Vertical
Electrical Length 10 m
Design End fed whip.  Radiating elements completely enclosed in epoxy fibreglass laminate.  Metal parts are brass and stainless steel.
Length 8 sections:  10 m
4 sections:    5 m
Weight 9 kg
Finish Polyurethane lacquer, olive
Temperature Range – 55°C to + 71°C