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VHF manpack blade, monopole, SINCGARS, GPS, 1.12 m, 30-108 MHz


NSN: 5985-25-151-3440

The APX10/GPS/SIN is a blade antenna for use on portable VHF radio sets.  A Mil-Spec GPS active receiving antenna is incorporated in the whip.  This particular version has been designed for use with the SINCGARS radio.

Frequency Range 30-108 MHz
Resonant Frequency 76 MHz
Frequency Range, GPS L1, 1575 MHz
Power Supply 5 V ± 0.05 V @ 40 mA, + in centre
Amplifier Gain, GPS 26 dB
Design Stainless steel blade with rubber covered gooseneck
Length 112 cm
Weight 0.5 kg
Finish Polyurethane lacquer, olive
Temperature Range – 55°C to + 71°C