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Antenna Marker System, 38 mm, coloured silicone rings, for Comrod 38 mm whips

Antenna Marker 38

On complex, multi-antenna, multi-band communication platforms, Comrod’s Antenna Marking System ensures the correct whip element is installed onto the correct base. Matching coloured rings are fitted over the antenna base and whip to quickly identify each antenna assembly.

  • Coloured silicone rings
  • Easily retro-fitted onto existing Comrod antennas using a standard spring base and 38mm diameter whip
  • Six colours available: white, grey, blue, red, green, yellow
  • Ten coloured rings per bag, suitable for marking five antenna assemblies.
Design Silicone coloured rings
Diameter To fit standard bring base and 38 mm diameter whips
Material UV resistant silicone
Finish Self colour
Temperature Range – 55°C to + 71°C