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8.5 m manportable sectional mast kit, 1.2 m sections


The AMX85/S is an 8.5 metre tactical lightweight composite sectional mast designed to be carried and deployed by a single person. The mast can be erected in a matter of minutes and can support lightweight top loads such as antennas or sensors.

  • 7 lightweight composite sections, 1.3 m long. Tube outside diameter Ø44.5 mm.
  • Mast sections fit together to lock azimuth rotation. Enables the use of directional antennas.
  • Single level, four way rope guys.
  • Packs down into a single, easy to carry case.
  • Quickly and easily deployed by a single person.
  • Maintenance free composite glass fibre construction.
  • Highly resistant to corrosion.  Suitable for marine or coastal environments.
Mast Sections Fibreglass tube outside diameter Ø44.5 mm, 122 cm long with 10 cm aluminium spigot. Olive drab lacquer finish. 7 pcs.
Total Kit Weight 13 kg
Top Interface Ø39 mm OD spigot, 100 mm long (to fit 40 mm socket)
Guys 4 pcs, 3 mm braided rope on winder with adjustable lock and snap hooks each end
Guy Pegs 6 pcs powder coated steel
Base Support Fibreglass with spikes and peg down loop
Top Load Maximum 4 kg*
Wind Speed Maximum 96 km/m, including gust
Temperature Range – 55°C to + 55°C

* Subject to top load wind surface area.