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6 m manportable sectional mast kit, 1.3 m sections


NSN: 5985-25-131-2781

The AMX6 is an exceptionally light mast system for the erection of lightweight antennas.  It is specially developed for the Comrod VHF3076 Antenna. Carbon Fibre reinforcement is used to obtain maximum stiffness at minimum weight.  The mast sections and accessories are transported in a sturdy bag with a shoulder strap.  The standard accessories’ assortment is designed for Nordic conditions with frozen ground. For other climatic conditions, alternative guy pegs and hammers can be supplied.

The AMX6 system is easily carried and erected by one person, however, two people can have the mast operational in a matter of minutes.  A special base hinge is supplied to keep the mast base secured during the erection procedure.

Mast Sections 5 pieces, 1.25 m each plus 0.1 ferrule.  Diameter 32 mm, carbon/glass composite, polyurethane lacquer, olive drab finish.
Top (standard) ø 50 x 95 aluminium ferrule
Guys 3 pieces, 3 mm braided line on winder with adjustable lock and snap hooks on each end
Guy Pegs 3 pieces hot galvanized steel
Carry Bag Strong PVC coated nylon, separate pocket for accessories.
Base Support Steel with hinge for easy erection
Top Load Maximum 5 kg
Moment of Flexure Maximum 40 kpm
Temperature Range – 55°C to + 55°C
Length, Erected 6.25 m
Total Weight, Standard Version 135 x 22 x 15 cm 7 kg
Mast Sections 4 sections, 1.35 m
Guy Ropes with Winder 3 pieces, 8 m line 0.4 kg
Guy Pegs 3 pieces, 30 cm 1.4 kg
Hammer 1 piece 1 kg
Base Hinge 1 piece 0.4 kg
Carry Bag 1 piece, 1.4 m 0.7 kg