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Audio Control Unit Communication Hub


The ACU is an intelligent interface, supporting coherent communications in land, sea and air environments.

As a world leading supplier of communications interfaces, the company recognises the unique and challenging conditions in which the modern war fighter has to operate, and understands the need to provide a reliable and simple communications capability.
The ACU three port communication hub can support up to two radios plus intercom providing continuous communications as soldiers conduct operations.

Situational Awareness (SA) is a key attribute of the ACU.  It is achieved via a suite of headsets to cover the spectrum of operating environments, both low and high noise.  For high noise environments, where hearing protection is required and SA is vital, ACU can be used in-conjunction with the In-The-Ear (ITE) Hearing Protection headset.  The ACU maintains microphone functionality when no headset is attached.

  • Monitor and transmit on two radio networks
  • Monitor and talk as part of a Crew Station fixed/vehicle intercom system, when used in conjunction with appropriate interconnecting cable assembly
  • Press-To-Talk (PTT) and status tones for primary and secondary radio nets
  • Intuitive controls – easy to operate when wearing gloves
  • Five volume settings which are clearly identified on the equipment
  • Capable of attenuating high ambient noise levels (user hearing protection), while providing Situation Awareness, when used in conjunction with the In-The-Ear (ITE) Hearing Protection headset
  • Internal loudspeaker and microphone capability that is automatically enabled when the headset is removed
  • Powered by two AA batteries
  • Operational battery life typically greater than 24 hours
  • Audio warning tones to indicate equipment status including low battery power
  • Can also be powered by an appropriate connected radio
  • Can be attached to a wide range of personal load bearing equipment
  • Size – 95 mm x 75 mm x 38 mm (nominal)
  • Weight inclusive of batteries – 268 grams (nominal)
  • Submersible for 30 minutes at 1 metre
  • Compliant with applicable Ground, Army requirements
  • Compliant with applicable environmental requirements