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Antenna Control Switch, HF/VHF TX/RX coupler/switch, 1.6-88 MHz


This second generation advanced HF switch is based on the proven Comrod product ACS007K.  The switch is upgraded with antenna selectors, increased number of IO signals for each transceiver, storage of the last frequency for each TRx port and upgraded CPU.

The updated HF switch supports distribution of frequency information from the transceiver to the antenna controller located in the HF-antenna via RS-485 interface.  Key information from the antenna controller will be available from the switches front panel, and via Ethernet.  In case frequency information is not available from the Tx, the HF switch will carry out frequency sensing and forward this information to the antenna controller via RS-485.  Expected time for a frequency measurement is approximately 1 ms.

  • Advanced transceiver interaction for modern data modes (3G-ALE)
  • 5 transceivers to one common tuneable antenna
  • External/separate Rx-antenna if needed (option for 8 RX channels)
  • Local and remote control via web or SNMP
  • Ctrl and Tuner connectors with size 14, 19pins for additional I/O to/from TRx
  • Updated Bi-Directional RF-detector with output for frequency counting
  • 1kW power handling
  • Advanced interface to the Comrod tuneable HF antenna (HF1830S)
  • Number of transceivers : 5
  • TX operation : TX antenna connects to the transmitting TRX
  • Priority (default) : TRX1
  • TX antenna busy : Transmitting TRX with less priority is left unconnected
  • RX operation : TX antenna (or optional RX antenna) is fed to all TRX
  • TRX connection : Single – or dual coax for TX/RX signals
  • Single/dual coax configuration : Automatic through connector with switch
  • Main antenna selector : Ant_Bypass connects to Main antenna when : Aux_Ant1 or Aux_ant_2 is selected
  • RX antenna selector : Selects the Main- or Auxiliary RX antenna