ACS-009K ~ Antenna Control Switch, HF / VHF TX / RX coupler / switch, 1.6 – 88 MHz


Antenna Control System, VHF / UHF TX / RX coupler / switch, 30 – 512 MHz

This 8-Way VHF Switch is designed for use in systems where LVHF / VHF / UHF transceiver shares common TX and RX antennas.

The unit includes:

  • Advanced transceiver interaction for modern data modes (3G-ALE)
  • 5 transceivers to one common tuneable antenna
  • External / separate RX-antenna if needed (option for 8 RX channels)
  • Local and remote control via web or SNMP
  • Ctrl and Tuner connector with size 14, 19pins for additional I/O to/from TRx
  • Updated Bi-Directional RF-detector with output for frequency counting
  • 1kW power handling
  • Advanced interface to the Comrod tuneable HF antennas (HF1830s)