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Antenna Control System, VHF/UHF TX/RX coupler/switch, 30-512 MHz


This 8-Way VHF Switch is designed for use in systems where LVHF / VHF / UHF transceive share common TX and RX antennas.  The unit includes:

  • Two independent 4-way switches for automatic TR switching and combining of 4 transceivers sharing common antennas.
  • Configurable switch matrix used to select one out of 6 TX antennas for each of the 4-way switches,
  • Three diplexers channels, where of two provides forward and reverse power monitoring
  • Diplexer channel switch matric
  • Control system with CPU, graphical display and interfaces (LAN, USB)
  • 24 V power supply
  • 100 W power handling for the 8 TX ports, and lower diplexer channels (under 700 MHz), and 20W CW (500 W peak) for the high diplexer channels (over 700 MHz)
4-way Switch Frequency range: 30-512 MHz
TX Signal Path TX level: 17dBm .. 50 dBm 50 mW .. 100 W
Insertion loss: Direct < 3 dB, Combined < 10 dB
Phase integrity: < 20 deg Phase shift direct to combined
Switching speed  15 us (typical) : 10ms (typical) Applies to electro-mechanical relays
RX Signal Path Gain: 1.5 dB +/- 2 dB
P-1dB input: 10 dBm typical
IP3 input: 22 dBm typical
Noise figure: 5 dB typical
Output isolation: > 20 dB between RX-ports
Maximum input power: 30 dBm continuous
TX isolation: > 45 dB TX- to RX-ports
Thermal Properties (each 4-way switch) Max RF dissipation: 150 W Applies to 4×50 W input,50 W output
Max heat sink temp: 100°C
2 to 6 Switch Switching time: 5 ms typical
Insertion loss: < 1 dB
Connectors 24 VDC: Amphenol 62GB-5016-102P
RX ant and TX ant: 50 Ω N, female