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Antenna Control System, VHF/UHF, TX/RX coupler/switch, 30-430 MHz


The antenna coupler is intended for use with 9 transceivers plus 4 additional receivers together with three (4, or 5) antennas. The system has separate paths for VHF (L-VHF + VHF) and UHF. It is possible to transmit or receive on all channels at the same time. The transmit insertion loss depends on the number of active transmitters. Low noise amplifiers are used in the receive paths.

When used with five antennas simultaneous transmission and reception is possible. With only three antennas all reception in that band (VHF or UHF), will be disabled when one or more transmitters are active. It is possible to give priority to one transmitter on each band. L-VHF operation is independent from the other bands. For fail-safe operation one transmitter on each band is connected directly to the antenna in case of power failure. An external switch can be engaged to prevent a specific VHF transmitter from accidental transmission.

See datasheet for a closer functional description.

Frequency Range 30-90 MHz, 1 TRX + 5 RX
118-174 MHz, 4 TRX + 2 RX
225-430 MHz, 4 TRX + 2 RX
Nominal Impedance 50 Ω
TX Signal Path Power Rating: 60 W , each transmitter
Loss: < 2 dB (one transmitter), or < 8 dB
Phase Integrity: < 10° (< 20 mm)
Switching Speed: < 100 µs, 20 ms for L-VHF
TRX1 Blocking: > 70 dB
RX Signal Path Gain: 0..4 dB
P-1dB, Out: > 14 dBm
IP3, Out: > 30 dBm
Noise Figure: < 4 dB
Isolation, Out: > 20 dB
Max. inp. Power: 30 dBm continuous
Isolation, TX/RX: >45 dB between UHF TX to VHF RX and v.v.
Power Supply 18-32 V @ < 2 A, galvanic isolation
Connectors RF: N female is standard, others on request
Power: Amphenol 62 GB series, others on request
Blocking Control: BNC female
Size 3U, 19″, 550 mm depth (ex. handles and connectors)
Temperature Range Operational: – 25°C to + 55°C
Storage: – 40°C to + 70°C