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Antenna Control System, VHF/UHF, 30-430 MHz


The ACS-001 system is an active antenna combiner, and an antenna selector switch. It is primary designed to reduce the number of antennas in an installation, and allows the simultaneous use of several radios to one transmit antenna or to individual directional antennas. A receive distribution amplifier is included to allow simultaneous reception on all receivers.

The system was originally designed to be used on stealth ships, and controlled the following antennas:

  • 4 hull-integrated directional 118-430 MHz antennas that can be routed to individual transmitters.
  • 1 low signature omnidirectional 118-430 MHz antenna that can be used by all transmitters simultaneously.
  • 1 telescopic whip 30-90 MHz antenna, to be used by a dedicated Lo-VHF transceiver. Up/down also controlled from ACS-001.
  • 1 active receiving antenna, 30-430 MHz.

The system is transparent for up to 4 simultaneous transmissions on the omnidirectional 118-430 MHz antenna.

The system is controlled using a TFT touch panel or with a Windows PC application.

Number of Transceivers 12, VHF-UHF
1, Lo-VHF
Number of Additional Receivers 11
Frequency Range V/UHF118-174 MHz and 225-430 MHz
VHF30-90 MHz
Maximum Transmitter Power 25 W *12, VHF/UHF
50W, Lo-VHF
Maximum Outpt Power to Common Antenna 400 W PEP
TX/RX Switching RF VOX, switch time < 100 µs
TX Intermodulation, Signals in Same Band Two tone: 25 W*2: > 45 dB
Three tone: 25 W *3 > 40 dB
Isolation TXa to TXb: > 40 dB
TXa to RXb: > 60 dB
Frequency Response Flat within ± 3 dB through combiner, when 4 or less simultaneous transmitters
Less than 2 dB loss from transmitter to sectional antenna