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Master Kit, Multiband Amplifier, Dismounted, 20 Watt, 30-512 MHz


The A-320V3A-MKT Master Kit raises the standard for a manportable comms solution.  The Master Kit includes the A-320V3A amplifier, A-320DPA Dual Port Adaptor with LNA, 90-512 MHz multiband antenna, 30-108 MHz blade antenna, two antenna relocators, quick-release amplifier holder, associated cabling, a high-capacity rechargeable UBI-2590 battery and CH0002 2590 battery charger.

Frequency Range 30-512 MHz
RF Input 5 W (nominal)
RF Output FM 20 W
RF Output 20 W
Radio Type AN/PRC-119, AN/PRC-148, AN/PRC-152, MBITR II, RT-1523E