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Multiband Amplifier, Dismounted, 20 Watt, 30-512 MHz, Kit


The A-320V3A-KT represents the continued development of Ultralife’s combat-proven A-320KT amplifier kit.

The kit includes the A-320V3A amplifier, 90-512 MHz multiband antenna, 30-108 MHz antenna, antenna mount, amplifier holster with MOLLE vest adaptor, RF cables and power cable.  The amplifier itself weighs a mere 680 grams, and the entire kit weighs less than 1.4 kg.

The A-320V3A-KT supports the latest TDMA waveforms including Soldier Radio Waveform (SRW) and Enhanced Position & Location Reporting System (EPLRS).  The amplifier maintains support for legacy communications modes including HAVEQUICK, SINCGARS, and DAMA.

  • 30-512 MHz
  • Supports new waveforms:
    • SRW (Soldier Radio Waveform)
    • EPLRS (Enhanced Position and Location Reporting System)
  • AM operation
Size Height 3.81 cm
Width 9.53 cm
Depth 13.97 cm
Weight 680 g
Frequency Range 30-512 MHz
Input/Output Impedance 50 Ω
RF Input 5 W (nominal)
RF Output FM 20 W
AM 20 W PEP/110-512 MHz
RX Path Insertion Loss < 0.5 dB
RX Path VSWR < 2:1
Bypass Path Insertion Loss < 1 dB
Power 18-36 VDC
Power at Transmit ~ 65 W
Power at Receive < 3.0 W
RF Connector RAD/ANT BNC/TNC female
Operating Temperature – 40°C to + 60°C
Weather Resistant MIL-STD-810F submersible 1 m for 30 minutes
Finish Green, anodised