A-305 ~ 50 Watt Multi-Band Amplifier


50 Watt Multi-Band Amplifier

The A-305 has been designed to be one of the most consistent, high performance, fixed base or vehicle mounted 50 W amplifiers available in the 30 – 512 MHz frequency range.

As a radio manufacturer independent, the A-305 works with the AN/PRC MBITR as well as the Harris Falcon® Series and most other radios operating in the 30 – 512 MHz range.

The A-305 amplifiers include shock trays, with a total weight of less than 4.6 kg, which is an advantage for lighter loads on the move.

Both units are HAVEQUICK and SINCGARS compatible with exceptional harmonic filtering and auto-sensing frequency hopping technology.  As a result, the A-305 does not inadvertently jam or desensitise other communication nets operating in the same area.