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6-15 m sectional tripod mast kit, lightweight, 1.1 m sections, 48 mm diameter

ULM-C 48

  • The ULM-C 48 is an ultra-lightweight carbon composite tripod mast capable of supporting headloads up to 25 kg*
  • Fully deployed height of 6, 10, 12 and 15 metres. Intermediate heights available on request.
  • The mast is comprised of individual carbon composite mast tube sections that fit together to give the desired height.
  • The aluminium tripod support includes a lifting mechanism and hoist to raise each section.
  • Telescopic tripod legs allow deployment on uneven ground.
  • Tripod height of 1.4 metres allows easy access to top load
  • Central guying enables the guy tension to be maintained during deployment of the mast. Enables safe deployment in high winds.
  • Supplied with a ground mounting kit containing all the items required for field deployment.
  • Supplied in two carrying bags 1200 x 270 x 280 mm
  • Optional antenna mounting kit can be supplied to allow an omnidirectional antenna to be mounted below the top load (see page 4).
  • Can be used to elevate omnidirectional and directional antennas, sensors, lighting, etc.
  • Can be rapidly deployed by two operators (see table).
  • Full compliance with ANSI TIA/EIA-222-F wind standard.
Model ULM-C/48 6-1.2 ULM-C 48 10-1.2 ULM-C 48 12-1.2 ULM-C 48/15-1.2
Height 6m 10m 12m 15m
Tube Diameter 48mm
Mast Section Working Length 1092mm
Maximum Headload* 25kg
Maximum Wind Speed Deployment: 40km/h

Operation: 90km/h

Survival 120km/h

Maximum Bending Deflection under operational wind* <± 3° <± 3° <± 3° <± 3°
Total Kit Weight 33kg 38kg 40g 43kg
Guy Radius 6m 10m 12m 15m
Top Load Interfaces available 40mm spigot
50mm spigot
Vee Ring Adaptor
Anchoring 3 locations at 120° 3 locations at 120° 3 locations at 120° 3 locations at 120°
Guying 1 level 2 Levels 2 Levels 2 Levels
Standard Colour Black
Number of Operators  2 or 3 2 or 3 2 or 3 2 or 3
Setup Time 15 mins ‹ 20 mins 20 mins 20 mins
Temperature Range -40°C to + 55°C

* Typical values shown. Actual values will be subject to a combination of top load weight, top load area and pointing accuracy required.