TL-354 ~ 21.3-Inch Thin, Lightweight Display (1600 x 1200)


21.3-Inch Thin, Lightweight Display (1600 x 1200)

The TL-354 is a new 21.3” thin and light-weight rugged display combining unmatched thinness with exceptionally low weight.

TL-354 offers a new generation upgrade solution for  TL-351 in terms of LCD resolution, ruggedisation, and display functionality.

The TL-354 can serve as a drop-in replacement for customers needing displays with a 4:3 aspect ratio and 1600 x 1200 screen resolution.  It is the perfect solution for legacy systems currently equipped with a 20.1” UXGA display.

The TL-354 features a first-class 21.3” Active Matrix Liquid Crystal Display offering excellent performance in terms of brightness, dimming, crispness, contrast, and viewing angle.  Equipped with an LED backlight, the TL-354 offers a long lifetime and reduces power consumption.

TL displays are designed for application in the most extreme environments, making them suited for naval combat, army, UAV and airborne use.