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TASC3 Headset



  • Earphone housing is rugged and weatherproof


  • The smaller earphone is especially comfortable with tactical helmets and helmet liners
  • The slim earphone and boom arm are kept in place with a removable “sweat band” type headband
  • Headband is made from a combination of cotton and nylon with Velcro adjustable straps (adjustable from 5th female to 95th male percentile sizes)


  • The TASC3 boom mics can be adapted to plug into the speech port of popular respirators
Waterproof No
Splashproof Yes
Headband Yes
NBC Compatible Yes
Noise Environment Low/Medium
Left/Right Version Yes
Colour Black
Dimensions (nominal) 70 mm x 45 mm x 12 mm
Boom Length 152 mm
Weight 151 g ± 10%