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Single Channel Fibre Optic Modems

Single Channel

The single channel Fibre Optic Modem (FOM) is currently available in four standards based communications interfaces: standard NRZ, conditioned diphase, DS3, MD1272 / G and IP (internet protocol). These modems transmit up to 60 km without a repeater depending on model. The single channel FOMs are designed to mount on the Signal Entry Panel (SEP) of the tactical communication shelters or they can be installed in a rack mount panel. FOMs are available with various tactical fibre optic connectors, including TFOCA, TFOCA-II® and expanded beam.

  • Interconnect tactical communication assemblages including:
    • Radio terminals
    • Radio repeaters
    • Tactical switches
    • Circuit switches
    • Tactical multiplexers
    • Satellite support radios
    • TACC shelters
  • Tactical communication systems
  • Down the hill links
  • Intra-node cabling
  • Dispersed command post
  • Digital orderwire equipment