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High Performance HF SDR Transceiver


The RT7700H is an IP addressable, digital HF software defined radio
(SDR) which combines DSP-IF circuitry and powerful microprocessors
in a robust desktop or rack-mountable package supporting the
demands for HF voice and data communications. The RT7700H is
the transceiver component of Datron’s 7700-Series Strategic HF
Communications System. The RT7700H is fully interoperable with
Datron’s Spectre HTM PRC7700H tactical manpack.

  • AM, AME, USB, LSB, ISB, DATA and Digital Audio (MELPe)
  • DSP-IF Based with Direct Digital Synthesizer
  • JITC-Certified Integrated MILSTD-188-141B ALE MODEM
  • Validated Link-11 Compatibility
  • MIL-STD-810F Construction
  • Integrated MIL-STD-188-110B MODEM
  • Digital COMSEC
  • ECCM
  • Support for External Pre/PostSelector
Frequency Range TX: 1.5 – 30 MHz
RX: 100 kHz – MHz
Total Channels ≥ 280,000
Programmable Channels 1000 Simplex or half-duplex
Frequency Stability ± 0.5 x 10 – 6 (± 1 x 10 – 8) external clock inout available
Modes of Operation 2 x ISB, USB, LSB, AM, AME, CW and DATA
Modulation Analog and Digital (MELPe)
Memory Retention Non-volatile
Scan Manual or Automatic (2 or 5 channels/sec w ALE)
Local Control Front Panel Keypad for frequency, modes and other core parameters.
Computer or Fill Gun for COMSEC
Remote Interface Ethernet (10/100BaseT)
Addressability Radio is IP Addressable
Radio Type SDR Radio, Waveform, modulation types, wide/narrow brands and communications security can be updated via software
Data Modem Integrated MIL-STD-188-110B, which include error correction (FEC)
ALE Modem Integrated MIL-STD-141B
COMSEC/ECCM Integrated high-level encryption option with front panel quick-connect Key Fill jack and zeroized button
RF Input/output Impedance 50 – Ohm nominal, unbalanced
Antenna Input Protection To 43 dBm. Lighting protection via an external RF Surge Suppressor
Overheating Protection Transmitter
MTTR See Charts Tab
Input Power Azimuth: Omnidirectional
Format Vertical
Construction to be specified