Razor Series ~ Duplex Optical Transceiver Unit

Razor Series

Duplex Optical Transceiver Unit

  • Compliant with Gigabit Ethernet – IEEE-802.3:2005 and 1x/2x/4xFC – ANSI Fibre Channel FC-PI-2, FC-PI and FC-PH-2
  • Optical fibre link distances up to 550 metres (50/125μv 500MHz*Km MMF)
  • Maximum optical channel bit error rate less than 1×10-12
  • Operating temperature range from – 40°C to + 85°C
  • Nickel plated brass shell meets stringent corrosion performance requirements
  • Die-cast housings are strong, durable and lightweight
  • Duplex LC compliant optical fibre connector interface
  • Threaded PCB retention features provide secure mounting in high shock and vibration environments

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