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Cobra Modular Lightweight Headset


NSN: 5965-99-307-1108

The RA3185 Modular Cobra headset is designed for dismounted use in low-noise environments, where hearing protection is not required, providing unimpaired situational awareness.  The standard configuration is a single-sided earphone with a boom microphone.

EMC capable, rugged, and waterproof, the RA3185 headset is designed to withstand rough handling in a military environment.  Its proprietary connection system allows remote press-to-talk, respirator microphone, and other elements to be added as required.  Pressel controls are available in a variety of configurations: single, dual, palm or finger actuated.


Highly adaptable to specific mission requirements, with choice of left or right microphone-boom position, head-fixing accessories, pressel controls, and more.

Communications Intelligibility

Clear monaural high-quality speech communications from radios.  Wind-shielded noise-cancelling microphone is standard.

Situational Awareness

Simplified design with no hearing protection for complete situational awareness in low-noise environments.

Equipment Compatibility

Compatible with most types of hearing protection and a wide range of headgear and ballistic helmets, including the US Army ACH, USMC LWH, PASGT, and MICH.


Flexible shape and light weight plus choice of headstraps, ear cushions and platforms, and helmet clips for comfort, fit, and stability.