RA195 ~ iCombat High-Noise Headset


iCombat High-Noise Headset

RA195 iCombat headset delivers exceptional low-frequency noise attenuation with Racal Acoustics ANR technology.

The RA195 iCombat infantry headset is an improved version of the in-service British Army RA195 Combat unit. With two Racal Acoustics active-noise-reduction (ANR) modules, one in each earshell, it meets the latest health and safety legislation for high-noise environments, such as in Warrior and other armoured fighting vehicles (AFVs).

The headset includes two low-profile earshells connected by a spring neckband, a soft head strap, and an adjustable boom microphone. An optional voice-operated switch is available.

It is engineered to improve operational effectiveness by:

  • Attenuating AFV noise at the ear
  • Reducing noise-induced fatigue
  • Improving speech intelligibility
  • Protecting users from hearing damage

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