Rugged Single Ear Headset


Ergonomically designed, the R1 is a slim, rugged single-ear unit that performs under harsh conditions such as blowing rain and in treacherous situations such as water rescues. The R1 has a comfortable fit that provides clear and consistent communications for short and long-term assignments.

Mechanical Specifications

  • Cable pull from T module, axial: 9 kg
  • Cable pull from headset, axial: 29.9 kg
  • Cable pull from plug, axial: 13.6 kg
  • Flex cycles at cable: 10,000 cycles
  • 24 month manufacturer’s warranty

Electrical Specifications

  • Microphone sensitivity at 94 dB SPL: -40 min, -24 max

Environmental Specifications

  • Operating temperature: – 20°C to + 60°C
  • Storage temperature: – 40°C to +80°C
  • Storage temperature: – 40°C to + 80°C