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Spectre V® VHF Tactical Manpack Radio


  • 30 to 88 MHz
  • 100 programmable memory channels
  • Rugged (MIL-STD-810), immersible
  • Up to 10 W (Manpack) and 75 W (mobile or base station)
  • Internal antenna matching unit
  • Excellent co-site performance
  • Module level Built-In Test (BITE)
  • Embedded ECCM, COMSEC
  • GPS functions


Frequency Range 30-87.975 MHz
Channel Spacing 12.5 or 25 kHz
Pre-set Channels 100 programmable memory channels – all mode information individually programmable per channel
Scanning Any or all channels in a group (up to 100)
Channelling Programming From front panel or remotely via computer

  • Voice and Data
  • Data
  • FF FM, FH, digital encryption – simplex or half-duplex
  • 9600 and 19,200 bps asynchronous input, 16kbps output
Input Power Requirements 11 – 15 V DC
Battery Pack BB-NM10 NiMH (up to 11.1 AH)
Low Battery Indicator LCD battery icon
Antenna Port BNC for 50 Ω broadband antennas or for connection to external amplifier; whip antenna port
Display Backlit, multi-function custom LCD