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VHF Tactical Manpack Radio


Datron’s PRC1077 is a VHF/FM tactical manpack transceiver designed for use in harsh environments.  It is a 5 W radio operating over the full 30 – 88 MHz frequency range with 25 kHz resolution. The PRC1077 is rugged, compact, and can be configured with numerous accessories to create a wide variety of manpack, mobile, or base station systems.

Frequency Range 30-87.9875 MHz
Available Channels 2320 in 25 kHz steps
Pre-set Channels 10 programmable memory channels
Channel Programming Front panel
Modes FM; simplex, semi-duplex
Input Power Requirements 11 – 15 V DC
Battery Pack BB-LA6 sealed lead calcium; BA5598/U Lithium (case holds spare battery)
Battery Life 30 hours @ 9:1 duty cycle (5W Tx) using BB-LA6
Antennas 1.2 m tape and 3 m whip; 50 Ω antenna
Antenna Port BNC for 50 Ω broadband antennas or for connection to external amplifier; whip antenna port
Display Backlit, multi-function custom LED