H-400-4855 ~ Platform PRR


Platform PRR

In today’s expeditionary military environment, the need for close co-operation between mounted and dismounted troops, and their supporting vehicles has never been greater. Both to take advantage of advances in situational awareness and to avoid fratricide, shared knowledge and efficient voice/data communications are vital for force protection.

The Platform PRR H-400-4855 has been designed to be fitted in a range of hard-skinned and soft-skinned military vehicles, rotary-winged and transport aircraft.

Interfacing with the platform harness, the Platform PRR provides communications between the crew and mounted, dismounted or transported troops equipped with PRR and EZPRR.

The Platform PRR can be used an in a variety of configurations to match the specific platform types, roles and operational scenarios. Installations, which are based on a core set of standard templates, can be customised for each platform, enabling rapid solutions to be delivered.

Being based on the in-service PRR, the frequency selection and limited range ensure low probability of interception or detection (LPI and LPD). The Platform PRR has been designed to also provide interoperability with the Enhanced Encrypted PRR (EZPRR).

Platform PRR provides communications between a platform (armoured vehicle, rotary-wing, transport etc) and mounted or dismounted troops equipped with PRR or EZPRR.

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