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Cross-Link, dual mode, SATCOM-on-the-Move antenna


The P50250000 and P50260000 are dual mode UHF line of sight and SATCOM antennas, designed for harsh military applications. The line of sight mode can be used for communicating with satellites low on the horizon.

Frequency High Angle: 225-400 MHz
Low Angle: 225-400 MHz
VSWR High Angle: 1.5:1
Low Angle: 3.0:1
Typical Gain High Angle: + 8 dBic
Low Angle: + 3 dBi
Power Handling 200 W
Polarisation High Angle: Right Hand Circular
Low Angle: Linear, Vertical
Physical Size Height: 30 mm
Cross-Element Length: 540 mm
Connector High Angle: N type or TNC
Low Angle: N type
Colour Black, Sand or NATO Green
Temperature Range – 51°C to + 71°C