NoizeBarrier™ TAC ~ Circumaural Headset

NoizeBarrier™ TAC

Circumaural Headset

The NoizeBarrier™ TAC is the industry’s first fully modular tactical communications headset featuring industry-leading hearing protection and 360˚ advanced situational awareness to enhance decision making in a tactical environment.

OTTO has collaborated with tactical operators to design and engineer a headset that meets the demands of today’s modern soldier.  The result is a headset that improves the ability to hear critical communications or commands in areas with
background and potentially harmful impulse noises.

The NoizeBarrier™ TAC headset delivers an unparalleled soundscape experience by producing crystal clear radio communications and has an external microphone that allows for a state of the art talk-through experience.

The headset offers multiple configurations. The optional helmet mount kit enables the user to change from an over-the-head headband to a top or rear rail mounted configuration while in the field without the use of tools.  The rail mounting system is compatible with major Hi-Cut helmet systems including Ops-Core® and Team Wendy®.


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