Multi-Port Hub ~ Integrated Communications with the Noizebarrier™ TAC And Noizebarrier™ H3 Headsets

Integrated Communications with the Noizebarrier™ TAC And Noizebarrier™ H3 Headsets

The OTTO Multi-Port Hub is compatible with major radio platforms using detachable cables for each radio. In addition, the Multi-Port Hub offers modular compatibility with vehicular and air based intercoms (ICS).

Situational awareness (talk-through) can be controlled using either the volume controls (+/- 12dB) on the NoizeBarrier™ TAC headset or on the Multi-Port Hub.

In conjunction with the Multi-Port Hub, the NoizeBarrier™H3 and NoizeBarrier™ TAC headsets provide modular control of up to three unique communications platforms, each with a separate Push-To-Talk (PTT) button.