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Multi-Channel Fibre Optic Modems


The multi-channel Fibre Optic Modem (FOM) is available in E1 (ITU 9.703) and EuroCom D/1 interface B. They accept multiple electrical inputs which are multiplexed and converted to a single optical signal for full duplex transmission over the fibre optic cable. The multi-channel FOMs are available with either singlemode (E1 only) or multimode transmitters.
Multimode FOMs transmit up to 32 km with a repeater. Singlemode FOMs transmit up to 60 km using 2 km cable assemblies. The multi-channel FOMs are packaged in a rugged transit case that can either be placed on the ground or rack mounted with available adapter plates. The all-weather design allows for exposure to harsh environments without affecting performance or reliability.

The EuroFOM-B / RPT drop / add repeater allows the user to separate or “drop” one of the original signals from the optical link at any point in the link. The dropped signal is converted back to the original electronic format for transmission to user equipment. The user can replace or “add” a new electronic signal providing the data rate does not exceed that of the dropped signal or the maximum data rate of the link. As the name implies, the unit also performs a repeater function, extending the link up to an additional 16 km.

  • Interconnect tactical communication assemblages including:
    • Radio terminals
    • Radio repeaters
    • Tactical switches
    • Circuit switches
    • Tactical multiplexers
    • Satellite support radios
    • TACC shelters
  • Tactical communication systems
  • Down the hill links
  • Intra-node cabling
  • Dispersed command post
  • Digital orderwire equipment