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Quad Radio Case

MRC-65 Series

NSN: 5820-01-537-0283

Easily transportable, the MRC-65 Series of Quad Radio Cases can power up to four transceivers.  Each unit of the Series is outlined in the Power Components section of the Technical Specifications provided.  A self-contained unit, each allows operation of the transceiver independently of the external power source.  An internal charger allows the interoperable power adaptor and charger unit to recharge the battery while the transceiver is operating.

AC Input  95 – 270 V AC
47 – 440 Hz
DC Input 11 – 36 V DC
Size (L x W x H) 812.8 mm x 508.0 x 330.2 mm
Weight 34 kg (without communication equipment)
Operating Temperature  – 30°C to + 55°C
Storage Temperature  – 50C to + 6°C
Operating Altitude 8.2 km
Storage Altitude 16.8 km
Immersion 3 m
Humidity 95%relative
Power Components
  • MRC-65
    Power Supply: MRC-82A
    Internal Battery: UBI-2590/BB-2590
  • MRC-65-01
    Power Supply: MRC-99-01
    Internal Battery: MRC-490 Sealed Lead Acid
  • MRC-65-02
    Power Supply: MRC-99-02
    Internal Battery: Commercial Sealed Lead Acid
  • MRC-65-03
    Power Supply: MRC-93
    Internal Battery: Optional
    (Does not charge battery)
Accessories Included
  • MRC-82A (4)
  • MRC-140 KY-99 (2)
  • Transportable via commercial means
  • Provisions for two encryption devices
  • AC and DC power modules allow continuous operation while internal battery allows uninterrupted power operation
  • Built-in racks provide a secure hold for each transceiver
  • Internal power bus with AC plug and cigarette lighter adaptor to power accessories
  • Readily usable with computers
  • Easy transport water-resistant case with rollers
  • Storage space provided for computers, cables and antennas