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SOTM Transit Case System


The MRC-195 is a self-contained SOTM system which is used with
the following equipment:

  • AN/PRC-117F Transceiver
  • AN/PSC-5 Series Transceivers

The system comprises the following equipment:

  • AC/DC High Output Current Power Supply (MRC-74)
  • Interoperable Power Adaptor and Charger (MRC-99)
  • Amplified Speaker (MRC-67-A)
  • 75-watt Multiband amplifier
AC Input 94 – 240 V AC
50 or 60 Hz
Size (LxWxH) 901.7 mm x 685.8 mm x 533.4 mm
Weight 26 kg approximately (without radio)
Operating Temperature  – 30°C to + 55°C
Storage Temperature  – 50°C to + 65°C
Operating Altitude 8.2 km
Storage Altitude 16.8 km
Humidity 95% relative
Battery Types MRC-490 (v1)
Antenna Determined upon order
Amplifier 75 Watt Multiband
Amplified Speaker MRC-67A
Power Supply/ Adaptor MRC-99-01


  • Self-contained system pre-wired for easy vehicle installation
  • Wide range of AC input voltages