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Radio Power Adaptor


The Merlin-3™ SBC is an Uninterruptible Power Source (UPS) system for a wide variety of fielded equipment. It can receive input from an extensive range of DC and AC power sources. Its primary function is to export significant power, to run application-specific equipment, laptops and other accessories. The Merlin-3™ SBC also integrates with a BB-XX90 battery contained within the battery box and provides efficient battery charging. In all cases when a battery is available, it serves as a UPS for the attached load. It also manages power for the output when the input is connected and the battery is unavailable.

The hot-swap feature allows battery change-out and maintenance without load interruption. LED indicators display the status of input power, state of charge, battery charging, battery health and output power availability. Peak Power Tracking algorithms efficiently convert power from solar panels to support the load and/or charge the battery for power storage.

The Merlin-3™ SBC latches to battery boxes without any additional tools or modifications. It is compact and rugged, allowing the system to be used in all conditions and environments. The Merlin-3™ SBC does not compromise the environmental integrity of the battery or attached loads.


Weight 829 g
Dimensions (LxWxH) 193 mm x 89 mm x 48 mm
Input Connector MS3114-E8-4P
Output Connector MS3114-E8-4S
Radio Connector SC-C-179492
Environmental MIL-STD-810G, MIL-STD-461F
Operating Temperature  – 40°C to + 55°C
Storage Temperature  – 50°C to + 71°C
Input Voltage 10 – 42 VDC @ 14.5 ADC (max)
Input Power 250 W
Radio Power 26 VDC @ 3.5 ADC nominal (100 W max)
Output Voltage 12 – 32 VDC @ 4 ADC for Aux Outputs (100 W max)
Efficiency 97%
Li Ion Battery Charge Time 3 hour typical
Features Benefits
Uses two standard, full size rechargeable batteries
  • No reduction in runtime when powered from batteries
  • Uses BB-2590/U (preferred) or BB-390B/U (alternate batteries)
  • Programmable charging algorithms ensure future battery chemistry adoption
Uses existing battery box
  • No tools required for installation or use
  • Keeps system environmentally sealed
Battery Hot Swap
  • Able to change – out battery and recharge extra batteries without power interruption to the radio or crypto-fill loss (when powered externally)
Compact size and weight
  • Lightweight and easy to transport
  • Slice design enables compact integration between the radio and battery box
Functions with a variety of input and output accessories
  • Operates using a wide range of input sources including: Solar, NATO, AC/DC, Zinc-Air batteries, BB-XX90, fuel cell and vehicle power
  • Outputs power to a variety of accessories including speakers, laptop computer and small personal electronics
Iris Part Number Part Description
78535-100699 Merlin-3™ RPA Kit
78535-100601 Merlin-3™ RPA Power Module
78535-102292 Input, Converter, AC/DC 120W
78535-102203 IEC-320 Power Cord
78535-102019 Cable, Input, SAEP
78535-102021 Cable, Input, ZINC
78535-101604 Case, Hard
78535-102040 Input, Converter, AC/DC 220W
78535-102017 Cable, Input, AUTO
78535-102018 Cable, Input, NATO
78535-102020 Cable, Input, EXTN
78535-102022 Cable, Input, CLMP
78535-102024 Cable, Output, EXTN
78535-102025 Cable, Output, AUTO
78535-102026 Cable, Output, PANA
78535-102049 Solar Panel, 62W
78535-102030 Cable, Input, Splitter