LMT5D ~ 5 m Telescopic Composite Mast, Motorised 1.5 m Retracted


5 m telescopic composite mast, motorised 1.5 m retracted

5m mast designed to support optical equipment, such as Night and Day cameras, or any other heavy equipment that needs stability.

The LMT mast was originally designed for the French Army HADES Program. In order to meet the very severe requirements of this program concerning the deployment time, Comrod has developed a telescopic mast with a belt drive
system which controls the mast upwards as well as downwards. This is a unique feature for most of the telescopic masts get jammed during retraction. Moreover, this system does not need to be air-proof or waterproof as dust, sand and water
are circulating through the mast and evacuated through the bottom cap.