LMT07520 ~ 2 m Heavy Duty Composite Telescopic Mast, Motorised 0.75 m Retracted


2 m heavy duty composite telescopic mast, motorised 0.75 m retracted

The LMT07520 (LMT 283/2-0.75) is a 2 metre composite telescopic mast designed for supporting top loads up to 40 kg. The mast is usually embedded inside a vehicle/shelter and is raised and lowered fully automatically by a 24 VDC electrical motor. The LMT 283/2-0.75 has a short collapsed height enabling the mast to fit within the shelter or vehicle when fully retracted.

The main features of the mast are:

  • Self-supported and remote controlled by PC
  • Heavy duty
  • Fast deployment
  • Easy periodic maintenance, without dismounting top load
  • Outstanding resistance to the most demanding environments
  • Safe and reliable
  • Secured only by ground plate – No wall mount needed