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Light Patrol Headset

Light Patrol

The Light Patrol headset is designed for use with a wide range of radios used by the military and para-military organisations.

Common Features

  • Low profile to allow a good fit under most ballistic helmets such as the PASGT and MICH
  • High comfort ear pad
  • Headband made from a combination of cotton and nylon with Velcro adjustable straps (adjustable from 5th female to 95th male percentile sizes)
  • Fully ruggedised lightweight design comprising a boom mounted electret microphone
  • Ear pad and microphone are secured to the head using a three point fitting cloth headband
  • Weatherproof and able to withstand severe exposure to rain, snow, humidity and temperatures as low as – 20°C
  • A Noise Excluding Cover is available for use in medium to high noise environments where the user needs to block out external noise to hear the tranmission
  • Respirator adaptor is optional when used with most in service CBRN respirators
  • The standard design includes a single down lead comprising a special safety semi latching radio connector
Waterproof No
Splashproof Yes
Headband Yes
NBC Compatible Yes
Noise Environment Low/Medium
Left/Right Version Yes
Colour Green, Black or Sand
Dimensions 1177 x 87 x 31 mm
Weight 126 g ± 10%