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In The Ear Hearing Protection System


The company has developed a hearing protection system for the DCCU (Dismounted Close Combat User) which benefits from our experience and expertise established over many years of provision, support and development of the PRR (Personal Role Radio) and its associated family of dismounted close combat products.

We benefit from the experiences and lessons learnt from a customer base that covers 35 countries.

This enables us to continually develop our solutions by applying the latest technologies to stay ahead of the challenges posed by changes within the operational environment and to address changes in soldier battlefield communications both in the UK and globally.
The ITE HP System comprises a headset with DSP technology that can connect to either an enhanced PRR switchpack or to a range of control units that allow interfacing to other radios and intercoms.



The solution will meet the demanding military environmental requirements for worldwide Operations and training.

Comfort and Ease of Fit

The system includes an angled spigot designed to fit naturally within the ear canal resulting in comfort, retention and ease of fit. In all aspects, the solution has been designed to operate well with other equipment (e.g. military headgear or CBRN equipment).

Effective Hearing Protection

Passive protection is provided using market leading foam tips, whilst our advanced DSP automatically and rapidly controls situation awareness to provide active protection against external noise.

Situational Awareness

High quality microphones provide excellent natural 360 degree situational awareness.  This function is readily enabled or disabled by the user through the simple On/Off and volume control button.

Low Size Weight and Power (SWaP)

No additional box burden on the soldier maximising comfort, convenience and interoperability with other equipment. Uniquely, when used with the PRR it draws power directly from the radio and so requires no additional batteries and/or power box making the solution as light and as unobtrusive for the User as possible.

Dual Radio Unit

The PRR system fitted with a dual switch pack can enable the user to operate 2 radios, using the single hearing protection system. The range of control units allows other non-PRR based combinations of radios and intercoms.

Interoperability with existing Radio Systems

Integration with existing Bowman radios (PRC 354, 355, 356, 325), including the vehicle UCD, is achieved through the dual radio capability of the in-service PRR. Access to the Harris PRC-152 and SPR radios is achieved through radio adaptor cables which are supplied with this solution.

Versatile Headset Interface

In addition to supporting the THPS headset, the enhanced switchpack maintains compatibility with existing PRR headsets providing full backwards compatibility. The same applies for the range of control units.

Auxiliary Audio Adaptor

Provides ready access to MP3 Players to aid acclimatisation of user to the ITE HP Headset.


There are no ITAR restrictions associated with this solution.