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Infantry Soldier Situational Awareness Tool


ISSAT is designed to be used by Commanders as required by the operational scenario. That would normally be at the section and platoon level, but ad hoc and larger groupings are supported.

The EZPRR is the standard common radio enabling re-rolling of individuals without the need to change radios. Being based on the PRR, it retains the best characteristics of simplicity, minimal training and low weight. The extension of range and coverage enables both section and platoon level nets, with the self forming characteristics of the PRR net. It is backwards compatible to the PRR.

The impacts of physical and mental loads on individuals in the close combat environment are well understood and underpin the need for simple, intuitive and responsive capabilities, particularly for SA and navigation. The demands on the Commander have been minimised by using an intuitive man-machine interface and by reducing equipment size, improving integration and minimising mission weight. The functions offered to a Commander will be very rich and will enable a significant advantage in his planning role.


  • Minimum impact on the combat soldier
  • Provides position and simple status information to improve combat effectiveness
  • High refresh rate
  • Low cost but highly cost-effective solution
  • Makes maximum use of existing equipment
  • Minimum training load
  • Interfaces with higher command systems


Situational Awareness – Operational Advantage\

ISSAT provides immediate position and status information at the Section and Platoon level

  • Common EZPRR radio and GPS appliqué
  • Backwards compatible with PRR
  • Commanders display and SA system
  • Operational   enhancement   with   minimal   additional   physical   and mental load
  • Re-rolling and regrouping flexibility
  • Cost effective balance of ruggedisation and off-the-shelf technology