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5W, 30 – 88 MHz VHF Handheld Transceiver


Datron’s HH7700 is a compact and lightweight VHF/FM handheld transceiver that provides communications capability in the 30 to 88 MHz band. The HH7700 offers 2,320 channels at 25 kHz spacing with 15 programmable pre-set channels available via the rotary knob and 100 additional channels available through the keypad.

RF power output levels of 500 mW, 2 W and 5 W are user selectable. The H7700 offers VOX for hands free operation and Whisper mode. The radio configuration can be cloned from another radio.

The HH7700 offers an optional embedded voice scrambler* which provides an effective means of secure communications.

It is interoperable in FM clear-voice mode with our Squad Radio family (PRC1060/70/80), the PRC1077, the Spectre-V® series (PRC2100/2150), and most other single-channel 30 – 88 MHz VHF/FM radios using a 150 Hz tone-squelch or CTCSS squelch system.

The HH7700 radio is easy to operate and is rugged and splash proof by design. Datron offers two battery pack options, a standard capacity battery permitting up to 10 hours of operation and a high capacity battery offering up to 18 hours of uninterrupted service.

Frequency Range 30 MHz to 87.9875 MHz
CCIR Emission Type 16K0F3E (Wide)
Mode Simplex, Half-Duplex
Channel Spacing 25 kHz (Wide)
Total Pre-set Channels 15
Modulation FM, (300 Hz to 3000 Hz)
Display Alphanumeric LCD, 14 Segments,
5 digits plus icons
Programming Computer Programmable
COMSEC Optional Voice Scrambler
Current Consumption  Transmit Mode Less that 2.4 A
Current Consumption Receive Mode Less than 0.6 A
Battery Life 4000 mAH Li-Ion: Approx. 18 hours
(5-5-90, high power)
2200 mAH Ni-MH: Approx. 10 hours
(5-5-90, high power)
Temperature – 30°C to + 60°C
Humidity 90%
Water Resistance Splash Proof
HH-4400BAT 4.0 AH Li-Ion Battery
HH-2200BAT 2.2 AH Ni-MH Battery
HH-CHG1 Battery Charger
HH-ANT1 Flexible 30 – 88 MHz antenna with internal matching network
HH-MIC1 Handheld Microphone
HH-TACHS1 Tactical Headset (microphone and speaker)
HH-SRC1 Voice Scrambler