FSR ~ FrontLine Soldier Radio


FrontLine Soldier Radio

Today’s theatre of war is a dynamic asymmetric battlespace, with forces on the ground often involved in simultaneous operations and an increased emphasis on urban warfare. The FrontLine Soldier Radio (FSR) significantly enhances combat effectiveness of the front line soldier.  It provides all-informed encrypted voice communications, together with the communications and computing backbone for Command & Control (C2) systems.

The FSR is a next-generation radio which addresses Soldier Programmes across the world. Its focus is to provide efficient and effective communications at Platoon and Section level, giving the soldier enhanced capability, whilst limiting the physical and mental burden.

The FSR builds on the global experience gained with the company’s family of Soldier Radios in demanding operational environments.

Carrying forward the simplicity of operation of the Personal Role Radio (PRR) and the powerful functionality of the Soldier System Radio (SSR) Plus, the addition of increased capabilities and an integrated C2 module makes the FSR a true Soldier Radio for the future.

The FSR design provides not only enhanced capability over current Soldier Radios but also the flexibility to customise and enable future upgradeability through a modular architecture.  This will support an extended lifetime and the ability to adapt to changing requirements in the future.

The FSR is a compact Soldier Radio system, with low power consumption.  It is reliable and robust and has the ability to survive extremes of operational environment and stress.  It will enable flexibility in operation and future incremental developments, particularly its inclusion in a Situational Awareness/C4I system.

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