EZPRR ~ Enhanced Personal Role Radio


Enhanced Personal Role Radio

Today’s theatre of war is a dynamic asymmetric battlespace, with forces on the ground often involved in simultaneous operations and with an increased emphasis on urban warfare.

The Selex ES Enhanced Personal Role Radio (EZPRR) significantly enhances combat effectiveness by providing all informed communications to frontline soldiers, replacing traditional methods based on hand signals and shouting.

Users on active service have described the introduction of the PRR as having a profound effect on the operational effectiveness of infantry.  The EZPRR builds on that operational success, enhancing vital performance features.  In its turn, the EZPRR is now operationally proven.

The EZPRR uses advanced 2.4 GHz spread spectrum technology innovatively packaged to meet the demanding needs of the soldier.  The EZPRR system is easy to use through its simple human-machine interface, is unobtrusive and comfortable to wear, yet is rugged enough to sustain the harshest environments presented by active frontline operations.

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