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Euro Fibre Optic Modem E1/16 Singlemode


The 108600 is a rugged, lightweight transmission unit for EuroCom networks that converts digital signals from EuroCom A/B to EuroCom C and visa versa. It is used when the distance between relevant equipment units is too long for EuroCom A/B transmissions, or when standard cable lengths are too short. It is also used when equipment units with different interface types are to be connected. The TDM bit-rate can be selected between 256, 512, 1024 or 2048 Kbps. When transmitting at the highest bit-rate (2048 Kbps), and with the use of a dry field cable, the cable length can be up to 1 km. At lower bit-rates, the cable length may be increased.

  • Interconnect tactical communication assemblages, including TACC shelters
  • Tactical communication systems
  • Down the hill links
  • Intra-node cabling
  • Dispersed command post
  • Digital orderwire equipment